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We are looking for modern technologies that consume less energy.

We use the following solutions:

- Ultramodern GHP systems  - Gas Heat Pump - consuming up to 99% less electricity in comparison to traditional systems powered by electricity.

Operating costs are 70% lower.

- Ultramodern systems of Air/Water Heat Pump for heating and domestic hot water production in both new and existing installations.                                            

Operating costs are 50% lower in comparison to traditional solutions.

- Ultramodern VRF air conditioning systems with high energy efficiency ratios and a wide range of technical solutions included heat recovery systems to enable continuous reduction of energy consumption.

Operating costs are up to 70% lower as compared to the existing installations.

- Renewal - replacing old R22 VRF systems to the new VRF air conditioning systems with R410A without replacing             the existing cooling system.

Operating costs are 70% lower as compared to the existing installations.

- Ventilation systems with distributed heat recovery exchangers offer a large effect especially in cooperation with GHP systems and advanced automation and CO2 detectors.

We supply required amount  of air to the point where it is exactly needed.

Operating costs are up to 90% lower in comparison to conventional ventilation systems.

- Inverter air conditioners with high energy efficiency ratios.

Operating costs are up to 50% lower as compared to the on-off air-conditioners with constant displacement.

Improvements to the existing design solutions or already completed installations.

We accomplish this in such a way to drastically reduce energy consumption and minimalise investment cost at the same time.

We already have a number of realizations where changes to the design documents without increasing the investment costs have reduced energy consumption x 10 times.

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